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The Deets on our Aero Sellwood, Luna

 But first, a little history on how we came across Aero Teardrops and the Sellwood Travel Trailer.

On our drive to Portland from Mexico back in August 2021, we stopped at Silver Falls for our friend's 60th Birthday Celebration.  One of the folks in the group brought their Teardrop trailer.  After poking and prodding their trailer, asking them lots of questions, and appreciating the quality of the design.  And that the company builds their trailers locally from the ground up, we decided we wanted to check out the company ourselves.

We had our first tour of the shop in August.  Brian, the owner of Aero Teardrops gave us a tour of his own canned ham Sellwood, the original, build number 1.  He explained when he and his wife originally built theirs because they wanted to have a larger trailer for their family outings. After much interest from folks admiring their Selwood, they decided to add the Sellwood to the Aero Teardrop lineup.

We loved the interior, the retro exterior look, and the basic modern conveniences and options.  I loved every bit of the idea of owning a trailer like his.

A second tour included many of the additional questions we had.  While there we observed a current Sellwood being built.  We paid our downpayment, chose the exterior color, learned what we think we wanted, and pretty much ordered all the options.  Then we began imagining living in an even smaller space than our 42-foot sailboat, DharmaGirl.

The first of the year came fast since we put paid a down payment.  We sent many emails with endless questions to refresh the conversations we had last August. Thank goodness for Aero Teardrop's patience. We just needed a review of what was explained to us five months ago.  

Naturally, our wish list for items we wanted to purchase for the interior of the trailer blossomed like it was springtime in the mountains  And we were getting very giddy about the end of May.

Until the company learned that due to the supply shortage caused by the pandemic; their materials were not arriving at their shop in the typical timely manner.  If fact, delays were weeks that turned into months. The end of May became the end of July. That felt like a long time but as you read in our previous posts, we made the best of it.  We house-sat for friends and also through Trusted House Sitters.  We also went car camping which was very therapeutic.  Say good bye to our stress.

Taken on May 23rd.
As you can see, the trailer wasn’t ready for our ownership.

The Deets on our Aero Sellwood, built by Aero Teardrops of Portland, OR located in Wilsonville, OR.

She is a canned ham-style travel trailer.  Inspired by a 1960's Algo Travel Trailer that the owners bought to refurbish.  As they were tearing it apart, it was apparent they needed to start over from the ground up.  Hence, build  #1 of the Sellwood was born.

Our Sellwood, build #5, comes with a shower and airhead, hot water on demand, a heater and A/C, an outdoor shower, two 20# propane tanks, two lithium batteries, an inverter, 108L refrigerator, a rear hitch receiver, two flip-up counter extensions, awning, and exterior table extension. The two-burner stove has an overhead light and exhaust fan that exhausts to the outside.  The trailer can sleep three adults or two adults and two small children.  The trailer has a decent amount of interior and exterior storage.  She is 2800# dry, overall length is 17’ long with the body 13’ long and 7.5’ wide. The interior is 6’9” and the exterior is 8’5” with the fan.  We are at 9.5 with our A/C unit. The tongue payload is 400#.  And with electric trailer brakes, towing our trailer is effortless.  

The interior options were cabinet doors, flooring, and fabric for the dinette and couch (that folds down to a full bed). Two matching throw pillows are included. Attractive blackout curtains are available too.  We opt to have these in the rear sleeping area.  And install our own cafe-style curtains around the dinette.  

We have lived in our trailer since August 8, 2022.  We are still on a learning curve but the curve isn’t as steep as it was in early August.  

Oh, and it is an Aero Teardrops tradition to name your trailer.  They even provide a nameplate installed on the front of the trailer.  We found the name Luna a perfect name for our home on wheels.  

Thanks for reading.  Next, we will share picking up Luna.  

Here is a tour of our Luna: